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LA CAPITAL 06-10-2004


Already are for sale the entrances in Rosario.

The Champions Trophy of hockey that will be played in the Jockey Club from November 6 is the event of greater significance of the city of this year and who want to witness it already they can acquire their entrances.
The tournament will be played since the 6 al 14 of November and will meet at six o'clock better selections of the world: Argentina, Germany, Holland, Australia, Chinese and New Zealand.
The localities can be bought in the localities of Sports 78 (Pedestrian Cordoba 1151), and in all the country through Ticketek (011.52377200). The prices for each day vary according to the day of competence and also guarantees for all the can be acquired tournament.
The information of the values of the entrances they are detailed in the page


Jockey beat and he remained near the title

It conquered university Student 5 to 0 and with the fall of Gymnastics is the only leader to a date of the end. Jockey Club caresses the title. The defeat set against university Student for 5 to 0 and the fall of Gymnastics and Fencing left it in solitude in the tip, when reduces a date so that culminate the tournament of first ladies of the Association of Hockey on Lawn of the Seaboard. On top the girls of Fisherton should play the last day with the last one Caranchos, for which the consecration should not be escaped.
To the 5 minutes Jockey already was in advantage with the goal of Inés Garmendia. Controlling to will the half of the court, the localities continued seeking. Then did not it surprise that María Welker expanded the scoreboard. Neither well it began the second time María Victory Baetti noted the third. Then Amalia Cerutti, that played great party, stole a bowl in the half of the court and carried it to the medialuna to yield to Luciana Aymar- another that complied with increase-, who beat to Dell Colle. Josefina Amelong put final figures to a defeat that leaves Jockey to the doors of the title.

The formations were:
Jockey A 5: Saravalli; Collin, Vélez, Pimpinella y Prémoli; Cerutti, María Victoria Baetti y Aymar; Gonzalez Uriarte, Garmendia y Amelong. DT: Morlan y Bastera.
Universitario: Dell Colle; Tealdi, Luppo, Jozami y Manaker; Stepnik, Brunet y Guerra; Corizzo, Laura Garcia y Goñi. DT: M: Ocaña Zalher.
Goles: 5´ Garmendia (J), 28´ Wlker (J), 39´ Baetti (J), 60´ Aymar (J), 63´ Amelong (J), Arbitros: Fernando Alfonso y Alejandra Español.
Gimnasia y Esgrima A, that shared the leadership with Jockey, fell of visitor Atlético del Rosario 2 a 1.
The odres results where:: Los Caranchos 0, Jockey B 2; Del Acuerdo 0, Old Resian 0; Gimnasia B 1, Newell´s 4; Duendes 5, Provincial 1.
The positions: Jockey A 54; Gimnasia A 51; Universitario 47; Atlético del Rosario 46; Duendes 37; Newell´s 31; Gimnasia B 28; Jockey B 19; Old Resian 17; Del Acuerdo 13; Los caranchos 4 y Provincial 4.
Date finalized is:Caranchos v. Jockey A, Jockey B v. Provincial, Newell´s v. Duendes, Old Resian v. Gimnasia B, Gimnasia A v. Del Acuerdo, Universitario v. Atlético del Rosario.

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Already are for sale the entrances in Rosario
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