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Clarín 13-10-2004


The tournament of The Lionesses.

The jockey rosarino is almost ready for “the major sports event since the dispute of the World one ‘78”, according to the organizers

The organizers of the 12° Trophy of Champions, the tournament that gathers to the better selected female of hockey on lawn and that of the 6 al 14 of November will have to Rosary as headquarters, do not doubt al to evaluate the magnitude of the event: “The city will receive the major sports event since the dispute of the World one ‘78”.
The names enthuse. The main attraction will be The Lionesses. But will also be Germany, Olympic champion, more Holland, New Zealand, Australia and Chinese. The quality is guaranteed but, ¿how Rosary for the event is prepared?
The greater difficulty was surpassed does various months. The Jockey Club, headquarters appointed, counted on a court of synthetic lawn of five years. It needed small repairs, but the International Confederacy of Hockey (FIH) vetoed it. It is more: in some moment a change of setting was feared. Consequence? It should be installed another similar, of the latest generation folder to which was utilized in Athens 2004. The Jockey was done charge of the costs, some 140 thousand dollars that will try to recover with the he contribute of two sponsors.
The theme of the court already is part of the past. Three weeks ago the last inspection was received of the FIH that the final approval gave it al flat. Now it works on the installation of a structure –was rented especially for the event- that will endow to the court of some 6 thousand places.
What desire the Club with this moved? It explains it Mario Araya, president of the Hockey: “The Municipality compromised to pave new accesses and we are building, thanks to a covenant, a parking with capacity for 1.000 cars”, details leaving in clear that all, even the political authorities, they decided to add their endorsement.
But not all remains there. The impact that will cause the tournament, the new building structures and the possibility to count on two of the latest generation courts –the oldest one will be reinstalled- permit to draw encouraging projections. “After the Champions Trophy has there to be 1.500 girls and 300 males practicing hockey in the club, when now we have a total of 900 players”, is enthused Araya.

It does few days were put for sale the entrances, but the scarce diffusion – this week was initiated a strong campaign- and the adjustments that are needed to set in motion the machinery in different points of Argentina impede to speak for the moment of large figures. From the organization, although, trust in a court filled. And they are remitted to nearby antecedents: the last friendly clashes of “Las Leonas” disputed in Rosary, when they approached more than 4 thousand persons.
The account of Araya is simple: “In the club there is 800 girls that play al hockey. With people linked al fear, they cannot attend less than 3 thousand persons. We can count other thousand of the remainder of the country. More so many more that will come for the own event. ..!.

And it is right: the show is guaranteed. It suffices to review the names to be realize it.

Intense practices:
With sights al Trophy of Champions, The Lionesses are coached in the CeNARD, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the morning while the Wednesday in the afternoon they face to male teams (today they are measured with San Fernando).

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The tournament of The Lionesses
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