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CLARIN 07-10-2004

"Leonas" fixture

The Trophy of female champions of hockey on lawn, that will be carry out of the 6 al 14 of November in Rosary, already he has fixture he confirmed and the debut of Argentina will be with New Zealand the same day of start of the competence. Then, the Lionesses will play with Germany (Olympic champion) the 7, Australia (defender of the title) the 9, Holland the 11 and China the 13.
The tournament will be carried out in the Jockey Club and will include the presence of the better six teams of the world. It they directed by Sergio Vigil they are being coached in the CeNARD with sights al tournament. For now they are 20 the players present in the practices, but between the 20 and the 22, when finish the activity in Holland -country in which they are performed- they will add Cecilia Rognoni, Mercedes and Soledad Garcia.
Vigil will bring to light the list of 18 Lionesses the 28. The 1º from November the Argentine team will travel to Rosary, where will play two friendly preparatory. Al following day the champions of the world will be measured with New Zealand and the 4, with Germany.

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